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Millions, Neil Varcoe

The sheep are gone. His father looks worried. And nobody is talking.

Set in drought-ravaged south-west Queensland, Millions explores the relationship between Jack McMullen, a student who holds ambitions beyond returning to a farm mired in debt and his father, who is rusted on to their lot and his dream of passing it down to his sole surviving son.

Millions is an exploration of loss and our relationship with the land. It’s also a story about a son who would do anything for his father, and a father who loves him enough to not make him.

This short story was published on limited release in 2012, and has been updated with new illustrations by Melbourne artist Joel Pringle.

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Millions Cover Art

May 16, 2019
24 pages

Milions Cover Art

May 16, 2019
24 pages


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About Neil Varcoe

Neil has worked as a journalist, barman, blood courier, truck stop attendant and as a lackey in a timber factory in country NSW. He intends to fall back on these careers if this writing thing fails to take off. Contact Neil on neil@neilwrites.com to republish or to discuss opportunities.